taking_a_breakBecause contestants are away from Aberdeen for Easter, because of the tiny nuisance known as the Thesis*, because no-one can be bothered, CDWMBM is taking a break.  Hopefully it’ll start-up again so that Isla, Glenn,  and Darren can provide us all with fabulous culinary delights.  Use this time to research the real Come Dine With Me on 4OD.

* Aka Boobjob

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Hilary’s Menu

miss-squashHilary’s meal will not have a theme, and is as follows:

Starter: Butternut Squash Soup

Mains: Dansk & Rice

Dessert: Banoffee Pie

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Round 5: Hilary

n37108918_33593786_8389We’re at the halfway stage of the competition now, and I must say that every evening has been brilliant!  As the competition now moves to those who live in town, the standards of excellence have certainly set by the Old Aberdeeners.  First to challenge Old Aberdeen is Hilary, who will host on Monday 23 March at 7pm.

n598305194_5084778_8037Being a Scottish rugby fan, Hilary “Godders” “Russ’ Carer” Godsman is no doubt used to disappointments.  But, this time, she is in control of the outcome.  Will her themeless night be a stroke of magic from Chris Patterson, or a huge disappointment like the rest of the Scotland team?


  • Has all day to prepare
  • Relatively simple menu
  • Bingo!


  • Guests may get lost
  • Wouldn’t offer people a lift to the venue

Odds to win CDWMBM 2009: 5-1

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Maxine’s Menu

raising-the-saltireMaxine’s meal will have the theme of Scotland, and is as follows:

Starter: Cullen Skink

Mains: Stovies

Dessert: Cranachan

Because of the Scottish theme, the language of Doric (Maxine’s first language) will be used throughout the evening.

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Round 4: Maxine

n524425553_5948528_8735Following the stellar performance from dark horse and current competition leader Sarah, Maxine really needs to produce something special if she is to have a chance of competing with THOSE cheesy potatoes!  Maxine will host on Tuesday 17 March at 7pm.

n516118987_1184715_4028A cooking proverb says, “The greatest chef takes leftovers, and turns it into sheer brilliance”.  This is exactly what Maxine “Fae The Broch” “Mmmmm” Mitchell aims to achieve in Round 4 of the increasingly-heated CDWMBM competition.  Unlike the previous two hosts, Maxine is sticking to what she knows and not taking culinary risk, and even using her own family as guinea-pigs for her meal.  This is real commitment, and shows how much she wants the epic prize that awaits the champion.  Although perhaps viewed as an underdog, this will only spur her on to achieve the brilliance described in that ancient proverb.  Could there be a Braveheart-style upset???


  • The first  competitor to have a rehearsal
  • Not taking many risks with the food
  • Helen’s banter


  • Lack of communal space
  • Has to follow Sarah
  • House will stink of fish because of Cullen Skink
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Sarah’s Menu

Sarah’s meal will have the theme of “World Tour/Mish Mash”, and is as follows:

Starter: Tapas toast

Mains: Beef medallions, dauphinoise potatoes & green bean parcels

Dessert: Sticky Toffee Pudding

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Round 3: Sarah

n585615070_2591021_8531After cancellations from both Glenn and Isla, Sarah has bravely volunteered to take-on Round 3.  It will be on Tuesday 10 March at 7pm.

n598305194_5614593_9219Two solid performances from Dylan and Russ means that the pressure is very much on Sarah “The Organiser” Cruikshank to not be the first disaster of CDWMBM.  However, in terms of culinary skill, Sarah is a relatively unknown force in these lands.  Perhaps a feast worthy of Masterchef is on the cards?


  • Has relatively little hosting reputation
  • Can take on any organising challenge


  • No dining table
  • Undecided on menu (as of Thursday 5 March)

Odds to win CDWMBM 2009: 5-1

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Russ’ Menu

new20zealand20flagRuss’ meal will have the theme of New Zealand, and is as follows:

Starter: Ciabatta & Dukkah

Mains: Roast lamb shoulder on kumara gratin (in situ)

Dessert: Kiwi sorbet

Please bring your own beverages, unless you like red wine.

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Round 2: Russ

sth70643After a successful evening at the Coutts residence, the hosting mantle is now transferred to La Maison de Russ.  This will be on Tuesday 3 March at 7pm.

madnessSome would say that never having cooked for more than four people would be a disadvantage.  Others would say it was an opportunity.  Russ “Guitar Hero” “Let’s Throw A Plastic Disc And Call It A Sport” Wood views this as a distinct opportunity to answer back to his culinary critics and say “I cooked for 8 people and didn’t cause them to die!”.  Everyone remembers the stir-fry disaster of ’05!  And of course, being the second person to host CDWMBM means that there will be direct comparison with Dylan’s efforts.  Will the challenge be too much for the young Livingstonian?


  • Vast communal space
  • Conservatory with atmospheric lighting and a sofa
  • The menu


  • The menu may be too complicated
  • Will be tired from a day in the lab
  • May not have enough plates due to flatmates not washing up

Odds to win CDWMBM 2009: 5-1

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Round 1: Dylan

dsc00774Apologies that CDWMBM didn’t start at Isla’s house, poor communication caused it to be postponed yet again!

The, now properly official, start is on Tuesday 24 February at Dylan’s house!

sth70638Having hosted two Guitar Hero parties in the past year, Dylan “Professor” “Tech Guy” Coutts isn’t a rookie at hosting the masses in his Dunbar St abode.  However, none of these hostings have involved a meal on such a scale and under so much pressure as the debut for CDWMBM.  Can he handle the pressure or will he crack and order from Rainbow Fish & Chips???


  • Has vast hosting experience
  • Any entertainment technology will work
  • No comparison to other hosts
  • Floor lighting


  • Limited communal space
  • Will be easily-agitated from missing Circuits

Odds to win CDWMBM 2009: 4-1

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